Yes, that’s correct. The CongresCie! This year we are taking a leap of faith. Not everyone is well informed about the CongresCie, but we will change that this year. To begin with, let’s start of with a little introduction about us.

At first our preses aka left hand aka Fleur Eline Nijenhuis. At the age of 20, she got everything in control. However, cooking is still difficult. Losing games? Our chairwoman doesn't like that. You will often hear "this is so unfair" coming out of her mouth!

Second, our all too sexy seccie/pennie! The typical tukker Naoooooomi is in charge of the minutes this year. This makes for very hilarious and creative stories. Our Naoooooomi is, just like our preses, very fanatic. You can challenge her for everything but she certainly cannot withstand her loss. So don't put Naoooooomi and Fleur against each other in a game, it goes hard against hard!

Then we move on to our latest addition. Tessa, also known as a pennie/active member. As the youngest of the group, Tessa is not having an easy time this year. Concepts such as a "rietadt" did not appear in her vocabulary. Pretty cute and innocent you will think..

Next our handsome internal coordinator, better known as Rinske. Rinske is not averse to a little sun here and there, which is certainly visible in her brown-tinted skin. Very nice that sunbathing but pulling an ICE? It turned out that’s she had never done that before. Fortunately, we made sure to witness her very first ICE!

Then.. the one and only man: Jesse or the external coordinator. Our grandfather is doing well with his harem so far. So nothing to complain about. With his hamburger skillzzz, he enchants all the girls that come his way. Do you visit Jesse? Then he always makes sure that he is wearing his best suit!

CongresCie '20-'21

Fleur Nijenhuis (2018) Voorzitter
Naomi Wegerink (2018) Secretaris
Tessa de Zee (2019) Actief lid
Rinske Oost (2019) Actief lid
Jesse Zijlstra (2017) Actief lid

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