Mandy Terpstra, chairman

This year the blonde Mandy is our chairman. You can see this immediately when we discuss the weekly conquests: compared to the rest, Mandy is a real tiger. Last year she was in the MerCie, but luckily she is with us this year! She likes a good atmosphere, which is certainly not lacking when she is present. We can always laugh with (or about) her. She creates hilarious moments because her English is not very good, to say the least. When she has finished some drinks, she regularly speaks Dutch to our IPP'er. Fortunately, she now has some help and can practice!

Rina Spriensma, secretary

Our always cheerful Rina is our secretary this year. As soon as she starts laughing, you can be sure that everyone is participating! In addition to that infectious laugh, Rina also sings “de sterren van de hemel”. This is sometimes to the annoyance of the others, because she sings all day long.. Not only can you laugh along with Rina, but maybe laugh even harder at her stories. Ever heard of anyone who has been sleeping in the big market? Well that's nothing crazy for our Rina! Why should you cycle all the way home after going out?

Rebecca Weston, treasures

Irish Rebecca, our one and only international, is our treasures this year! During the committee evenings, Rebecca shares the wildest stories about the parties and gave parties (Irish slang for a house party) in Ireland and makes sure there is always beer available. She hates cucumber and watermelon so there's more for us! We can't wait to go out with her in Groningen. Rebecca is doing the first year of the study again this year. Fixed so that she can enjoy the beautiful Groningen for an extra year;).

Lotte Verbree, active member 

At 19 years old, Lotte is the baby of our group! She is in her second year of study and this year she is on a committee as an active member for the first time. Lotte hates rice, but luckily we always eat wraps when we sit with her. Whether we have a committee night or an activity, this cheerful and impulsive girl is always up for a drink. So if Lotte is present, put the beer cold! She regularly calls out, but we really enjoy her delicious statements. This dry girl loves juicy stories: Tinder is a great solution in corona time to be able to date.

Maaike Akkerman, active member 

Maaike is the latest addition to our committee. Last year she attended the AlmanakCie and this year we can make use of her good input! Maaike does not eat meat and does not drink, we all think this is very clever, but nevertheless nothing is too crazy for her and she is always in for a fun night! She is also very supple in the hips. A spontaneous twerking lesson? Maaike will take care of this. We can't wait to admire her dance moves on the dance floor.

RedaCie '20-'21

Mandy Terpstra (2019) Voorzitter
Rina Spriensma (2019) Secretaris
Rebecca Weston (2019) Penningmeester
Lotte Verbree (2019) Actief lid
Maaike Akkerman (2019) Actief lid

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