Internationale commissie

UniCie '17-'18

Lucy Carveth- Johnson (2015) Voorzitter
Yvon Hagoort (2014) Penningmeester
Emilija Ieva Boka (2016) Secretaris
Aisling Patricia Rodger (2016) Actief lid
Carla van der Hoeven (2015) Actief lid
Rixt Oosterhagen (2011) Actief lid

Internationale commissie

The UniCie is the committee for the international students coming to the Netherlands to study Physical therapy. We want bridge the gap between the Dutch students, the IPP students and Fysiek. Not only do we want to help make a home away from home in this beautiful country for IPP students with tulips, cheese and windmills J, we also want to help give the Dutch students a little bit of an international favour!


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