Batavieren Race Women

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AkCie '23-'24
24 - 26 mei 2024
Universiteit Twente

Batavieren Race Women

Dear Fysiekers,

This year we as FSV Fysiek are participating in the 52nd edition of the Batavierenrace, the largest student relay race in the world!

During the weekend of May 24 to 26 you will run in a relay from Nijmegen to Enschede and then finish the weekend with the largest student party in the Benelux! This year, just like last year, we will travel with 2 FSV Fysiek teams, a regular and an alumni team. Does this get you excited? Then register quickly via the site and get one of the spots available! There is only room for 25 people per team! 

Initially, 1st to 3rd year students will be registered with the AkCie and 4th year students and older will be registered with the AlumniCie. If one team is full and the other is not, of course there is room in the other team for the other year.

Just like last year, we are going as a large group, so all in all it doesn't really make much difference.

When registering, make sure that you register correctly for the ladies and men’s in connection with the stages. 

It is also important to know that your registration is binding. This means that if you are no longer able to participate, you will have to arrange a replacement yourself!

You pay €25 for registration and a few other costs in addition.

You don't have a special FSV Fysiek jacket from previous years? Then you can order it from us when you are registered!

We are really looking forward to it and will have a party again this year with both teams! 

Lots of love, AkCie and AlumniCie 

P.S. As a woman you are allowed to sign up for the men's distance, but not the other way around!


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