Internationale commissie

UniCie '23-'24

Hello and Hoi!!

We are the Unicie, a group of international and Dutch students who come together to organise interesting and fun events with the aim bringing students together in from all around the world. Our committee meets once a week for some dinner and drinks and the evenings always contains great conversation and lots of giggles. 

We love having new people and seeing people at the Fyseik events and would love to see some of you guys in the future !! 
Our Chairwoman is our representative Dutchie , Vero is a past board member who is always on the go but will always stop for a chat ang hug! 

Janey is our new member this year , Jane is from the Emerald Isle! When she’s not pumping iron you can find her sitting with friends. Paula is from our neighbouring country…Germanyyyyy  also joined us this year she couldn’t get enough of fysiek with only one committee so also joined Unicie!  Tianna is our backup dutchie , she doesn’t get spot number one but gets the best of both worlds being half Dutch and half International! Aoife is also from the Emerald Isle! Another Irish doing physiotherapy .. crazy ! She is the Secretary for this year and is always open for a chat and to answer any questions.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you throughout the year and doing some great activities! 

Hope to see you aroundddddd, 


UniCie '23-'24

Aoife O’Connor (2021) Secretaris
Tianne van den Berg (2022) Penningmeester
Veroniek Poppe (2018) Actief lid
Jane Redmond (2021) Actief lid
Paula Schoo (2020) Actief lid

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