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FSV Fysiek is founded on 09-09-2009. It started as the study association from the school fysiotherapy at the Hanzehogeschool in Groningen. FSV Fysiek consist of a dayly board, 13 committees and 1194 members.

The mission from Fysiek reads as follows:
A. The stimulation of the interest for and knowledge from the fysiotherapy and its applications and;
B. The promoting of contacts between here members.

The association aims for the following ideals:

  • The feeling of solidarity
  • Openness and approachability of your membership
  • Docility and fun
  • Inspiring for her members

It's important that all the members from Fysiek feel at home and that the members can choose the extend of which they are involved with the association. In addition to non-members the association should be accessible. A requirement for this is that all the activities should be approachable. In the beginning of the association year the association seeks for a wide range of activities.

Docility and sociability are two words that can be linked and can enrich each other. Finally, the association wants to be inspiring for there members. By offering a chance to participate in commissions or a function in the board our members can forfill there competecies of organize and undertaking individualy.

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