Welcome to the newest committee of Fysiek! And even the most important committee, because what are activities without promotion? We'd like to introduce ourselves.

We start with our Vo-Leo. Leonie comes from the beautiful Drenthe, but in the meantime she feels like a true Groninger. Despite her civil hundred year lasting relationship, she likes to be here in the city. This sportive crossfitter would love to go on skitrips ten times a year, where next to ski half Leo's with Leo her favorite hobby is.

Then we have our secretary Karly. From sailing on the sea, frustrated at the boulder wall to safely in the gym: Karlijn has a lot of hobby's. According to Inge, she has a 'Harry Potter relationship', to your own interpretation. In case you don't know who she is, it's the one with the curls ;).

Then our newest member one: Inge- Esmee. Her debut in a committee and immediately the promoCie. She is very enthusiastic and curious about what is going to happen. After some adventures at Ameland, next summer she will go a little further away. In Malawi she will help build teacher shelters, so kids can go to school longer. En oja, you can sponsor her... ;)

Last but not least our second newest member: Cíara. This brave girl came to the Netherlands this September from Ireland. She now plays Gaelic Football here in Groningen and (almost) learns how to cook for herself. We are very curious what she will find about our country!

PromoCie '22-'23

Karlijn van den Berg (2020) Secretaris
Inge Esmee Drent (2021) Penningmeester
Leonie Kuizenga (2020) Voorzitter
Cíara Ryan (2022) Actief lid

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