Hi all!

Welcome to Eercie, as some of you already know, a new committee since this year. We will be mainly focussed on the involvement of first year members in our study and the study association. This is something we are looking forward to a lot.

Of course, this year will be a bit different due to Corona (yeah unfortunately we can’t cure it ourselves), but despite all this we will try to have an exciting year. We cannot wait to host many of the new activities to come. And believe us, we are ready to rumble. Our activities will be focused on first year students, but all other members are of course very welcome to join too! After this short introduction, you must be very curious to meet the committee members… So here they are:

Ruth de Ruiter

Our chairman (or -woman in this case 😉) but also unguided projectile (we will see how this combination will turn out!). She knows herself very well and clearly shows her acceptance of the bold boys’ spirit inside. Ruth is not afraid to share her point of view, but also always joyful in presence. In the meantime, Ruth already has quite some experience with committees, but we’ll try hard to make sure that Eercie will be the best one she’s ever been part of. Finally, she is very creative and has plenty of ideas for the first year members. Believe us, brace yourselves for Ruth.

Emmeline Talsma

This year Emmeline will be our secretary, which she is very much looking forward to! Sometimes Emmeline is described as the great dictator, but she does enforce at least a little bit of order. Furthermore, she loves to see the big picture, but also cosiness and having drinks. Emmeline can be a bit blunt, and likes being in charge as much as observing.

Marloes Potze

Marloes is our treasurer. She is sweet, a bit nonchalant, and direct. We love this! If you want to do her a favour turn your heaters on, because she always seems to get cold… Furthermore, she loves to cook and is very precise, but not regarding spelling. Let’s not go there now 😉. Marloes is always in for a drink, unless it’s sweet wine. She’s sometimes a bit clumsy with her tall body which happens to throw stuff over occasionally.

Sari van der Veen

Sari is our party animal. She loves a nice atmosphere and cosiness, and does not hesitate to create this herself. If you have beers then Sari will be there, the more the better. Sari is an active member in our committee which means that she’ll be there to support and create a nice and supportive atmosphere, something she’s very good at.

Judith van der Waal

One saying describing Judith well is ‘’still waters have deep grounds’’. Judith brings a lot of enthusiasm and creativity to our committee. She has a critical view and observes very carefully. We too are very intrigued to know how she developed these skills. Judith will be an active member this year, just like Sari.


Ruth de Ruiter (2016) Voorzitter
Emmeline Florine Talsma (2018) Secretaris
Marloes Potze (2020) Penningmeester
Sari van der Veen (2020) Actief lid
Judith de Waal (2019) Actief lid

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