Alex, our active member from Cyprus. Actually needs no introduction since she is a very well-known
pro-cyclist. This is her first year in our cold, heartwarming, gezellige city. Back home she played
professional volleyball for a few years, she also plays the guitar and she loves clubbing. All of these
things we have never experienced ourselves sadly enough, so we just have to assume it is true. Our
Alex doesn’t really like to drink a lot but she knows how to trek a bak. She’s also famously known to
take the rattentaxi back home. All jokes aside, Alex is an amazing addition to the EerCie and we love
her presence with us! Στην υγειά σας!

Camilla, our ALB-coordinator, and biggest alcoholic of the group. She loves to play volleyball and
especially when they win, they can celebrate their victory with the entire club. She also is in
another committee at Donitas so unfortunately we have to share her with them ☹. Camilla also
works as a bartendress at ‘het gat’, so for free jägerbombs you can always visit her there. At last,
whenever there is a debate whether or not to go out Camilla always makes sure we all take a look
around the corner!

Doortje, our secretary and only member who still lives with their parents and horses. Doortje really
loves animals and taking care of them. Also she loves to take care of people, at festivals but also in
the city when her friends are too drunk. That’s because Doortje is a proud first-aid member. She is
also very smart but doesn’t understand how to trek a bak, she’s learning though. Luckily Doortje is
looking for a room in Groningen so if you have anything available you’re more than welcome to email We couldn’t imagine our committee without our little beloving Doortje!

Wim, AKA sous-chef, AKA Jamie Oliver of the north, AKA Ralph-Lauren sponsor, AKA rattentaxi expert
is our most experienced member. Wim is voluntarily doing his 27 th minor, when he started, there was
just one continent called Pangea. On Sunday he likes to keep the bench warm at VV Leo for the
players who get substituted. But luckily he always makes sure his team wins the 3 rd half. In his spare
time his main hobby is cleaning toilets at the Basic-Fit. For a fun evening you can always count on

Siem, the treasurer and tax evader of the committee. He has a brand-new couch so you can always
crash at his place. Every teacher except one loves him. When he is drinking wine you can expect
some amazing quotes like: “Why would you be sad when it’s raining, because when it is, you are both
sad and it’s raining.’’ When Siem isn’t in Groningen he is most definitely kite-boarding above
Ameland or raving at some festival. Lastly, we couldn’t ask for a better treasurer for our committee!

Friso, the one and only VO! His everyday life consists of destroying his chest, drink beer and maybe
go to class. Luckily, he takes his function as chairman very seriously. Friso’s hidden talent is sleeping
in 10 seconds, even when he is dancing in negende cirkel. Three times a week, he goes back to his
hometown DoKkUm to score some goals for his footballclub. You can also recognise him from the
2012 olympics, he won gold on the rekstok. When Friso isn’t going out, he’ll be in his home cinema
chilling. We are positive he is the best VO of fysiek! xo

EerCie '22-'23

Doortje Beishuizen (2020) Secretaris
Alexandra Ioannou (2022) Actief lid
Siem Roorda (2021) Penningmeester
Wim Smit (2018) Actief lid
Friso Sterrenburg (2021) Voorzitter
Camilla Zwart (2020) Actief lid

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