Hi and welcome to the MerCie!!
Just like every year we ensure that everyone can look fresh in their Fysiek merchandise.
Our goal this year is to at least make new useful products, and to start promoting the MerCie
This is because with more recognition there will be more people walking around with Fysiek’s
merchandise! To accomplish this, we need a couple of individuals, so let me introduce them to

Eline Bijlsma – Chairwoman
Eline is this years chairwoman of the MerCie! After many doubts (because of a busy last year as
chairwoman of the board) she still chose to be the chairwoman of the MerCie for this year. With
all the knowledge and experience of last year she is of course more than welcome in the
MerCie. Even at the most chaotic hours of our meetings she is able to get everyone to focus
again (even though it may be hard sometimes). But unfortunately, she will wander off as well,
and then the real stories will unfold.

Joëlle Ruiter – Treasurer
And then our real treasure of this year: Joëlle (also called Joel). This beautiful lady
always fancies our committee nights and party’s. Something we regularly combine
within the MerCie. Joëlle also gets amazing results at school, that’s why she got her
propaedeutic in her first year! But when it is time for our meetings the juicy stories
come to life and we learn that Joëlle has more than enough reasons to want to go to
the party’s. In conclusion she is a big asset to our committee.

Maaike Keddeman – Secretary
Of course we have our sexytary of the committee who lives up to her name. Our sweet
Maaike. She obviously goes to the city with our combined nights with the committee,
because she is always in for a party. She is in her second year of physiotherapy and
got her propaedeutic with not much difficulty. Although she doesn’t come short in our
meetings and will drop some juicy stories if she can. She is a good organized and
spontaneous girl that fits great in the MerCie.

Mandy Terpstra – Active member
And then our curly blond cutie called Mandy! What an innocent looking girl. Mandy is a first
year at physiotherapy and loves korfball. Even though she is injured and can’t play for a
while, thus has to leave it as it is.
But… Mandy is not as innocent as she might look like, cause when the meetings starts she
loosens up and we’ll get to know the real Mandy and the spicy stories reach the surface.
Something we don’t mind at all.

Jorn Lucas – Active member
Just like Mandy Jorn is a first year physiotherapy student and went straight to a committee. This
all around great guy is always in for fun and cozy nights! Something we noticed already at the
2 nd meeting. Jorn always makes the people around him laugh while conversating, even though
he can be quite serious when needed and has a great ear for people around him. Also, this guy
has a specialty! He claims to have an amazing pasta carbonara something we haven’t had a
chance to try, so Jorn when will you make this for us?

Jorick Sietsema – Active Member
Last but not least, Jorick! Also a first year and first timer within fysiek. This creative guy is
something we could definitely use in our committee, because at the 2 nd meeting he already had
multiple designs for new products! But with his creativity comes some clumsiness…
You guys see the band aid in the group picture? That says enough doesn’t it.

MerCie '19-'20

Eline Bijlsma (2016) Voorzitter
Maaike Keddeman (2018) Secretaris
Joëlle Ruiter (2018) Penningmeester
Jorick Sietsema (2019) Actief lid
Jorn Lucas (2019) Actief lid
Mandy Terpstra (2019) Actief lid

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