Orientation day

Are you struggling with aplying the material that you learned in school into practice?
Do you want to practice your skills as a future physiotherapist?
Or are you just interested to see a physiotherapist working in practice?

It is possible to walk along via FSV Fysiek at two different companies. Alongside the image is a brief description and the email address where you can contact them.


Because we have good contact with ECEZG it is possible to sign up via FSV Fysiek for shadowing a Physiotherapist in this expertise center in the first line of care.

Send a mail to: r.reezigt@ecezg.nl


Because we have good contact with Inter-fysio it is possible to sign up via FSV Physically for shadowing a Physiotherapist in this young first-line therapy centre which focuses on different areas of physiotherapy.

Send a mail to: r.vandernoord@inter-fysio.nl

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