We are the RedaCie/AlmanakCie. We are the only committee with girls only. We know all the ins and outs of Fysiek and we write them down with a lot of love. In addition, we liked to chug on the song: Stupid by Tess and we turn 3 rounds on songs by Antoon. Now we would like to introduce ourselves:

Eva, Chairman of RedaCie
Eva is a real ''cheese head''. She can live without a satisfyer but not without an airfryer. Furthermore, she plays soccer in Assen and she certainly does not let the third half pass her by. In addition to football, Tiktok is also a great passion of this all-rounder. She also loves to chug but prefers it with a plastic straw, which she always carries with her. Besides this craziness, Eva is very serious about decorating her room with souvenirs from the city.

Hester, Chairman AlmanakCie
Hester is our VO of the almanac. She is a true Staphorster and can  be found at every party in the village. She is our regular tiger of the group and travels a lot for this. Do not give Hester an almost empty bottle of bacardi, otherwise she will be found the next day with a concussion and a black eye. Perhaps this is where her love for sunglasses started, because when the sun shines just a little, she will be wearing sunglasses.

Renée, secretary
Renée, our seccy. Renée is always the last everywhere, the last to come to the meeting, the last to go home after partying in the city and the last to come into class. She comes from Westerbork, she can occasionally be found here on weekends and for work, where she has just a little too much fun with her colleagues. After a relationship of almost 2 years, it was time for Renée's happy single life, which is also noticeable in the reporting obligation. She can be found at the gym every now and then. Unless Renée is into the fitgirl vibe, she can be found there every day.

Myrthe, Treasurer RedaCie
Myrthe is our treasurer, whether this goes well remains to be seen. This girl wants to have everything that has a little pink and bling-bling in her daily life, because of this she often loses control over her money. But luckily she quickly earns this back at the Lidl, where you can often find her with a hangover, because this girl is certainly not scared to attend a party! De Hoek also notices this, because Myrthe likes a cheesesoufflé after a night out.

Indy, Treasurer AlmanakCie
Indy is our pennie from AlmanakCie. She is originally from Twente but lives in beautiful Groningen. In addition to drinking beer and dancing in t Feest, she plays soccer at het Vijfje and will certainly be there for the third half!

Mare, Active Member
Mare, the Sportgirl of the group, comes from Zeist and can often be found in the gym, if she is not here you can find her everywhere with a large glass of Jenever. If you run into her late at night dancing on the bar, she might tear her pants. Then don't be shocked if you find her in top shape the next morning, there's a good chance that this isn't her at all, but her twin sister.

Yassine, Active Member
Yassine is a real Frisian from Boelenslaan, but moved to Groningen last year. Here she knows how to rock the city and she goes wild on the songs of Antoon. Don't be surprised if she just starts spinning during a conversation, after 3 rounds this madness will be over. Still, all these crazy stories don't scare the boys and she has a different conversation partner on Snap every week. Despite the fact that she likes to be in Groningen, this frieze, with a capital F, cannot completely leave Friesland and she gives training at the Athletics Club in Drachten, where she also likes to train herself.

AlmanakCie/RedaCie '22-'23

Eva Bakema (2021) Voorzitter
Hester de Boer (2021) Voorzitter
Myrthe Boltjes (2020) Penningmeester
Indy Bruins (2021) Penningmeester
Yassine Bulthuis (2020) Actief lid
Mare Els Dijkstra (2021) Actief lid
Renée van Kampen (2021) Secretaris

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