We are this years ICie and we have a total of 8 great members. Icie is not only a solid committee, we’re also a group of friends who do many fun things together. We organize committee weekends every year, next to committee outings and we also spend a lot of time in the city. We definitely do not skip Saint Nicholas, Christmas and the TT in Assen. We try to show all this fun during our introductioncamp. This is a fabulous start of student life. Now we can hear that question in your mind: “Who are these interesting members of ICie?” Let us introduce ourselves!

ICie '20-'21

Hannah Kroes (2018) Voorzitter
Tom Wolf (2016) Vicevoorzitter
Lise Nijhoff (2019) Secretaris
Maarten Scheper (2019) Penningmeester
Wouter de Leeuw (2019) Actief lid
Richard Prakken (2018) Actief lid
Sanne de Bruin (2019) Actief lid
Marijke Keuning (2018) Actief lid

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