Daan Jungman aka Youngman,
Our chairman this year, our newest member but definitely not a newbie, in fact last year he
organized the second-year day and was even treasurer! He is well known since winter sport,
from frisbeeing pizza to doing drunken head rolls in a room that's way too small. Give him
some booze and you are in for a memorable evening. He also has the best baknummer of
our committee, so be sure to get him a beer when YMCA comes up. He is the most famous
Dann since the whole of Groningen’s nightlife is shouting his last name.

David is the vice chairman and ICie expert. This is his 2nd year on this committee, and he still
hasn't managed to secure a valuable position. However, he does manage to get a lady take a
lady home every Monday with whom he drinks all different kinds of tea with. David is always
up for a beer, no matter the time of the day and can be found in a pub almost every day. If
you lose David, look for a guy with the biggest grin on his face.

Isa is seccy (or sexy) this year. If you want to have a fun evening, here are some instructions:
give Isa 3 drinks, request ''Gimme, Gimme'' and you will have fun for sure. Isa does not like to
drink tea with other guys since she has chosen her favorite since several years. Hopefully he
does not mind that there are so many handsome boys on the committee... During meetings
Isa makes sure that our notes and our committee is perfectly in order. Also, if it wasn’t for
Isa’s cooking, we would not have anything to eat o Mondays.

Linda is the penny. Even though Linda must get up at 05.00 every day to be in Joure (2 h
from Groningen) at 08.00, she still is our sunshine at our meetings. Unfortunately, this does
not allow her to live up to her nickname, so the teas are on the back burner. In fact, Linda is
the only single woman on this wonderful committee. This blonde bombshell must manage
the committee's riches but is already having trouble with her own. In the 2nd semester Linda
will go back to the pub like in the old days on Mondays and we are all looking forward to

Paula is our Deutsche Freundin even though you wouldn't notice when you're chatting with
her. In fact, Paula already speaks better Dutch than Hessel, but that is not too difficult. Paula
also only drinks her tea with one boy. So no surprises here. If you give Paula a bottle of
vodka, she cycles onto a boat. This has already happened once. Or has she cycled into the
bushes... Well, never mind. In any case, we can conclude that Paula is a sociable drinker and
a great addition to the ICie.

Jorn will join Paula as cook this year. Right now, Jorn is still yodeling in Switzerland but is
going to make up for all his any's when he is back in the beautiful Gronigen for the 2nd
semester. Jorn's accent is so strong that even in the Alps they can hear that he is from
Twente. Also known as the place where they voluntarily drink Grolsch. If you lose Jorn, look
for red pants because Jorn is probably in them. Jorn is not going to get some chicks, because
he too is in a relationship. He is a grest addition to the committee because he is a social
butterfly and he has years of experience in the committee life.

Rik can down a beer very quickly. He also likes to brag about that. Rik is now an intern at
Beatrixoord. Actually, he is there to rehabilitate from alcoholism. Even though he is on his
internship, this doesnt stop him from going into town on Mondays. There, he can show
again how fast he can down a gals of beer. Rik also already has a girlfriend. Even though you
easily overlook her since she is half his size. Rik has managed to be an active member for the
4th time in a row. He does have 2 tasks in the committee this year: Chief Any and he is
responsible for the activities. Hopefully this is not too much to ask from this guy.

Hessel; Our active member who will organize the activities for next year. He is a sportive guy who
fills the rest of his evenings with playing soccer in the TKB 1 uniform, or he is gaming in his
student house ''de Mossel''. This boy needs a lot of guidance because he is very ’busy’. That is
why he was demoted from chairman MerCie '22, to active member ICie '23. He does not
mind. You can recognize him at school by his curls or by a nice cap of his roommates.

ICie '22-'23

Daan Jungman (2021) Voorzitter
David Hammer (2020) Vice voorzitter
Isa Koene (2020) Secretaris
Linda Wiersma (2019) Penningmeester
Jorn Lucas (2019) Actief lid
Paula Schoo (2020) Actief lid
Hessel van Amerongen (2020) Actief lid
Rik Makkes (2019) Actief lid

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