Ready for the real stuff? Then you’re in the right place. The AkCie organizes the best activities of FSV Fysiek. We will introduce ourselves!

Fleur is our sweet and beautiful Tukker. She is the chairman of the gang. This is now her third year in a committee, but that certainly doesn’t spoil the fun. No matter how serious she can be, after a weekend in Tukkerland, she is not always taken seriously by her lovely fellow committee members because of her beautiful accent. In her spare time, she likes to play a game of volleyball and she sometimes runs a round through the Noorderplantsoen, puffing and panting. Do you like Irish punk rock? Then you are definitely relationship material for Fleur! It is still a countdown before she can unscrew her head and enjoy the delicious beers in the pub again.

You might know one, a John Mayer fangirl, who knows every single lyric. Her favourite song is New light. Obviously we are talking about our vice president Beryl (Berry!!). Apart for her intense love for JM, she also loves another guy, her boyfriend. One time she painted for 12 hours straight to finish a portrait of the two of them, the dedication on this woman! Furthermore, she enjoys an alcoholic beverage from time to time and makes sure she’s driving home on the back on someone else’s bike since her bike is stolen 90% of the time. That said, no one seems interested yet in her cow bike, so if you need a new bike, you know where to find it.

You recognize him with his beautiful Twentse accent, shout cooolaa and he likes to imitate you. Jorn was planning to make a career at university, unfortunately this did’t work out for him so Jorn came back to us, which we are of course very happy with. A glass of wine? You don't make Jorn happy with that, luckily he likes a mixed drink or a beer enough. So don't hesitate to treat this boy to a delicious Any. He is very good at swimming and he feels like ‘a fish in the water’ in the committee. Furthermore, Jorn has not yet found his great love, who knows he will find his love and he can cook for her, because he likes that. This joker  often make you laugh, bring those parties back up because he can't wait!

This curly girl is a real Frisian, from being surrounded by meadows and cows to vibrant Groningen, she loves it here. A glass of wine will certainly go in, or 10. But don't make it too crazy for her, then the grandmother in her will come up, don't get her nightly hours of rest, yes, she is the biggest sleepyhead of the committee for sure. Clothing stress? No problem Elbrecht knows what to do with it. A sporty girl and always in for a dance, singing along to the songs because once she is in it, this girl does not go home any time soon, I think it is time for some fun nights out again.

Talking about real Frisian, Saagár, a veteran in the life of a student, a newbie at Fysiek. As if you can see in the picture he acts like he is a really big guy but actually he’s just a softy. This legend knows how to play the guitar, ACDC, John Mayer, he can do everything. Furthermore you can always call him for the best fastfood. At the moment he’s still a delivery guy at Piepers & Rund, but he has all the qualities to get a job at Hasret. If you get your food in time? That’s a good question, he’s not good at being on time.

Our handsome new member to the committee. This is his first year as an active member, but he is already in the third year of the study. Jorrit is a sporty type. You will find him on the slopes at least once a year, after which he certainly won’t skip the après-ski. Jorrit likes beer. Korfball is also his thing, but it sometimes happens that he gets injured to his knee, which means he has to go to the physio several times. Nice inside fact: Jorrit likes to collect animal ears during Fysiek Parties, so watch out!

Then we have the most chaotic member of the committee: Aurora. After a year of being a member of the VakanCie, she is now ready for the real work. This girl has achieved to earn 10 anytimers within 3 meetings, after the first meeting, we never saw our quotebook again… Her favourite hobby is hitting balls really hard. At the TAM they’re very happy with her. Furthermore she is working at a café but most of the time she is standing at the other side of the bar. When she had to many drinks she just leaves without saying goodbye. We’re going to break of that bad habit.

AkCie '20-'21

Fleur Benneker (2018) Voorzitter
Beryl Dijk (2019) Vice voorzitter
Jorn Lucas (2019) Secretaris
Elbrecht van der Veen (2018) Penningmeester
Saagár Mahalingam (2020) Actief lid
Jorrit Matthijs Vink (2018) Actief lid
Aurora Rodenburg (2018) Actief lid

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