The Logo

The logo of FSV Fysiek is a simple, energetic, young and dynamic logo with a clear image of the Caduceus within it.

  • The Caduceus, coming from the Latin word 'caduceator' what means negotiator, is a staff which gave the negotiator an unimpeded passage into ancient Greece. The Caduceus symbolizes peace, protection and healing.
  • The Snakes are standing for the opposing principles which play a role in the manifest universe: male/female, sun/moon, soul/spirit, or in alchemical terms: sol/luna and sulfur/mercury.
  • The staff itself stands for the axis between heaven and earth, up and down.
  • The wings are standing for transcendence, literally meaning ‘passing stride’ and refers to ‘standing above something’. For example a teacher who is standing above his/her curriculum.

The Caduceus as a whole symbolizes many standards which FSV Fysiek is standing for: unity between school and students to improve the study in many different ways. 

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