Hoi and hello lovely people!

We are UniCie, the international committee of Fysiek. We organise some cool
activities to bring Dutchies and Internationals more together. So you could see us as
Fysiek's matchmakers for great friendships and lots of contacts with super nice
people. Our committee evenings usually consist of lots of giggles, delicious food and
a few lekker (and sometimes too many) drinks.
Our chairwoman Sophie comes from our beautiful neighbouring country from the city
that doesn't exist (google ''Bielefeld''... you'll understand). Amelie on the other hand is
a real German big city girl. We have a funny mix of nordic blood in our committee
with our two irish islanders Brian and Aoife and a norwegian viking named Helene
(she's actually not...more like a nordic flower). Max looks like an Irish ginger, but is
actually a Dutch cosmopolitan from Hong Kong who can't actually speak Dutch. And
last but not least our real Dutchies are Mr. Fysiek himself, our chairman Tom and our
lovely Veroniek, who is very busy and who you won't win a dance battle against (right
So now that you got to know us a little, we are super motivated to plan great things
for you and have the best time together! ;))
So let's have a great Fysiek year. We look forward to meeting you all and celebrating,
drinking and enjoying with you!
Hope to see you around soon.
Your UniCie

UniCie '22-'23

Sophie Heitmann (2021) Voorzitter
Aoife O’Connor (2021) Secretaris
Brian Lynch (2020) Penningmeester
Amelie Victoria Michels (2020) Actief lid
Helene Ramstad (2021) Actief lid
Maxim Kaster (2021) Actief lid
Veroniek Poppe (2018) Actief lid
Tom Hindriks (2019) Actief lid

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