The board 23/24

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Sophie Heitmann

Hello and Guten Tag everyone! 

I am Sophie Heitmann and I am happy to say that I am the chairwoman of the 15th board of FSV Fysieks. 
A good three years ago I moved from the city of Bielefeld in the northwest of Germany to our beautiful Groningen for my studies. I fell head over heels in love with life here and feel very much at home. 

I always like to have lots of people around me, so I like to spend a lot of my free time with friends. Otherwise, I like to go to the gym or walk through the Noorderplatsoen, read a good book by the canal or stroll over the Vismarkt in search of a fresh stroopwafel. I also always enjoy a good party or rave, so it's quite possible to find me dancing at one or another events here. 

As chairwoman next year, I will be responsible for keeping the association running with my four other lovely board members. In particular, I am also responsible for making sure that our policies are guarded and implemented and that I keep track of everything.  

I am incredibly enthusiastic and excited about the time ahead! We are all going to have a wonderful, exciting and fun year together and let our beautiful assosiation shine.

Glad to have you with us! 

All the love,

Sophie Heitmann

Noor Wieringa


My name is Noor, and I am the Secretary of FSV Fysiek. I originally hail from the beautiful city of Zwolle, but I'm delighted to have called Groningen my home for the past two years.

In my free time, I occasionally go rowing and enjoy engaging in fun activities with friends (often while enjoying a drink).

As Secretary, I'll be handling various administrative tasks in the upcoming year, including responding to all your emails.

I look forward to an excellent year at FSV Fysiek and hope to meet all of you and collaborate on this wonderful association.

Best regards,
Noor Wieringa

Friso Sterrenburg

Hello everyone,
I would like to introduce myself to you all. My name is Friso Sterrenburg, and in the upcoming year, I will be taking on the role of treasurer within the board. I'd like to share a bit more about myself.

In my free time, I am a true sports enthusiast with a special love for soccer. I am a proud member of the wonderful club "The Knickerbockers" in Groningen. However, I'm always up for a game of padel or other athletic challenges. Besides that, I enjoy moments of socializing, whether it's in the city with a good glass of beer in my hand or in any other way.

Finally, I am greatly looking forward to the upcoming year, during which we will undoubtedly have a fantastic time together. Together with all of you, I am determined to take our association to new heights.

Best regards,

Friso Sterrenburg

Isa Koene

Hi everybody,

My name is Isa and I will be the internal coordinator within the Fysiek board this year. Before I moved to the far north, I always enjoyed living in the Noordoostpolder, but at the moment I feel completely at home in Groningen!

In my spare time I find it fun and important to spend a lot of time with friends. You will therefore regularly find me in the city or at a good festival. I also enjoy cooking and playing games. I also try to exercise at the ACLO every now and then.

As the internal coordinator, I am in close contact with all committees and ensure that everything within Fysiek runs as smoothly as possible.

I look forward to this year with great enthusiasm, in which I hope to make even more ‘Fysiek memories' together with all members!

Isa Koene

Linde Venema

Hi everyone,

My name is Linde Venema and it is my honor to tell you that I will be the External Coordinator of FSV Fysiek this year!

I like to play hockey or go for a run, cook, read or chill with some friends (with or without a drink ;))

As External Coordinator, I am responsible for the contact with all the partners of FSV Fysiek, as well as the arrangement of contracts. A very fun task to do, because I will meet a lot of new people, which is something I always enjoy!

I am really looking forward to next year and am happy with the team that surrounds me!


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