Fysiek's Confidential Contact person

Rina Spriensma - Fysiek's Confidential contact person

Rina Spriensma is Fysiek's confidential contact person. She is employed by the fifteenth board of FSV Fysiek. 

Do you have questions or are troubled by something?

If you want someone to listen to you, a confidential, safe contact and an honest opinion, Rina is always there for you!

Send an e-mail to rinaspriensma@hotmail.nl

I'm here for you!

Hey dear Fysiekers!

I'm Rina, 24 years old, and already a fifth-year student. Luckily, I'm finally graduating as a physiotherapist! In my spare time, I sing in a band and love spending a lot of time with friends and family. 
During my studies, I was active in Fysiek for a few years. One year as secretary of the RedaCie and then as secretary of the board '21-'22. I really enjoyed this intensely and learned super much! During my board year, I was confidant and members of Fysiek could anonymously come to me with questions and any problems. I also took a number of courses for this at the time. The following academic year, I was year-buddy for the fourth-year physio students. 
From this moment on, in addition to the already existing yearbuddies, I will be a confidant within the association. Because I am no longer as active within Fysiek and am almost graduating, I am a little more outside the association at the moment. Nevertheless, through my board year I know the structure and culture of Fysiek inside out. This allows me to be a neutral point of contact, which hopefully makes it easier for you to get in touch when you're struggling with something. My aim is to provide you with the best possible support and a listening ear, whether you are dealing with big or small challenges. Feel free to contact me, I'm ready to help!


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