We are the Leescie. Of course, that's not enough for you to know what we do, so here's a quick
summary. It is up to us to organize a number of lectures this year. What are they about then? That's
a nice surprise, also for us. What you can assume is that we will always organize something that suits
the time of year (read: 1 of subjects of that block in the year). What will our meetings look like then?
These are mainly filled with lots of fun and stories about the past from our treasurer. Such an
evening is much fuller with a number of things, but those are things that are better not to be told in

Burberry is our chairman, which would imply she is the most serious of the group. However, without
naming names, she manages to find her way (Henk, Hendrick, Harry, Helvin, or more names with an
H). Her best quality is that she doesn't escalate meetings at all. But really, not at all. Just so you
know. Furthermore, her rowing qualities are okay I think, besides the fact that she was immediately
DISQUALIFIED in her very first competition. I don't know, we'll have to check it out sometime.

Gwen is the secretary… Isn't there anything else to say about her? Yes, but unfortunately you can
only find out if you get her a drink in the pub and ask very specific questions, the answers of which
are hints to a location somewhere in the Netherlands where a box is buried with the real story about

Dick is our treasurer and big brother of the group. As the only boy, he fits in well with the girls, with
the occasional hair clip in his hair and a glass of wine in his hand, he feels completely at home. Dick
behaves like a real daddy dilf, traits such as staring out the window, pacing the room and a cigarette
he doesn't ignore either.

Nikee is an active member this year with the additional task of the active members battle. She is not
only active with the member battle, but is also at the top of the report duty list. After a lot of swiping
for a while, the report duty now really starts to look the same. Does that mean she's taken forever?
That's a good question for everyone without a good answer.

Our newest addition to the committee is Britt. The last and also the youngest of the group, with a
difference of 11 years from the grandfather of the group. This is not apparent from her
nightlife/partylife, because Britt cannot be found in her own bed before 7 am. After such an intense
evening, our young bird has to recover quite a bit and she can sleep until 4 o'clock.

LeesCie '22-'23

Nikee Gielen (2020) Actief lid
Berber Hoekstra (2020) Voorzitter
Gwen Poel (2020) Secretaris
Dick Klaas Bernardus Scholte (2021) Penningmeester
Britt Troelstra (2021) Actief lid

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