Do you have something on your mind, a confidential question or do you have any concerns about FSV Fysiek? The FSV Fysiek year buddies are here to listen, help or redirect you to the right person.

It’s important to know that speaking with a buddy is purely confidential. You don't need to worry about your story being leaked out, as confidentiality and discretion are the top priority. Any stories shared will remain private and secure.

FSV Fysiek year buddies

Year 1Contact:
Friso Sterrenburg+31629371084
Karlijn van den Berg+31637493958
Year 2:
Isa Koene+31680104072
David Hammer+31621651878
Year 3:
Hugo Wiegerinck+31658910896
Lise Nijhoff+31636569229
Year 4:
Rina Spriensma+31648683681

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