The AlumniCie is the FSV Fysiek committee especially for its former members and third- and fourth-year student members. The aim of the AlumniCie is to organize activities and get-togethers for its members in which accessibility and solidarity are of paramount importance.

To introduce ourselves in an appropriate, old-fashioned way, we would like to welcome you to the AlumniCie's friends book:

Name: Nanda

Age: 25

Experience FSV Fysiek: 2 years FeeCie, 1 year board, 1 year FeeCie 2th Viering and 1 year CateringCie 3th Viering and now 5th year AlumniCie!!

Favorite activity: ALW '17 - '18

Nickname: Nan, NanG, fixer, clickna diskie

Best friend: Pippa Pien Brusberg (she knows everything)

Favorite food: Asian cuisine 

When I grow up I want to be: tall 

Name: Maaike Keddeman

Age: 24

Experience FSV Fysiek: 1 year MerCie, 1 year board, 2 years Viering board and now AlumniCie!! (All as seccie)

Best activity: the festival at the grain factory during the Celebration week

Nickname: Mike, Michael, Schumacher

Best friend: Femmiedolfijntje (since our 2nd girlfriends)

Favorite food: PANCAKES

When I grow up I want to be: still not over

Name: Jonas Polman

Age: 26

Experience FSV Fysiek: VakanCie, 12th board, AlumniCie

Favorite activity: Pitch and Putt

Nickname: Johnny

Best friend: Ties aka Tiësto Ruiter. We were allowed to lie in that crib together and after 26 years still my best mate.

Favorite food: Lasagna!

When I grow up I want to be: my childhood dream was a cliché… a pilot! Around the age of 40 I think it would be cool to be a physiotherapy practice owner!

Name: Willem-Jan

Age: Adult

Experience FSV Fysiek: 4 x staff Introkamp, ​​3 years Alumnici, countless parties

Best activity: Staff at the introduction camps, what a party and fun

Nickname: WJ

Best friend: to avoid a fight.. PAS

Favorite food: Scaloppa gorgonzola

When I grow up I want to be: after being an Olympic physiotherapist at the winter games in 2018, summer games would be really cool. Otherwise just old and healthy

Name: Fleur Nijenhuis

Age: 22

Experience FSV Fysiek: Active member ICie, chairman CongressCie, internal coordinator Viering Board, active member AlumniCie

Favorite activity: The masked singer

Nickname: pleurie

Best friend: Danique

Favorite food: Mac croquette

When I grow up I want to be: Pediatric physiotherapist

Name: Mara Painter

Age: 22

Experience FSV Fysiek: VakanCie ’20-’21, Careerday committee 2021, Board ’21-’22, 3rd Viering Board and now the AlumniCie ’22-’23

Favorite activity: Several, can't choose: the skii trip of ’19-’20 and ’21-’22 and the BATA of last year.

Nickname: Mars

Best friend: Yes pff, only one person?! My roommate Eline

Favorite food: Stew with mashed potatoes or fries

When I grow up I want to be: Yes not a physiotherapist, but what else… Somewhere in a management department?

Name: Isa Brusse

Age: 25

Experience FSV Fysiek: in chronological order: AkCie, Board, AlmanakCie, AlumniCie, AlumniCie, AlumniCie, AlumniCie

Favorite activity: frisbee course

Nickname: I hope it becomes Ariel one day

Best friend: Pippa the kitty

Favorite food: cold lasagna from a Tupperware tray

When I grow up I want to be: owner of a camper van

Name: Karlien ter Horst van Delden

Age: 27 years

Experience FSV Fysiek: External coordinator on board 18/19, AlmanakCie and CateringCie (Viering) 

Favorite activity: Batavierenrace

Nickname: Kar

Best friend: Rozemijn

Favorite food: Desserts

When I grow up I want to be: A fit and vital granny who enjoys her beach house somewhere in a warm country.

Name: Naomi Wegerink

Age: 23

Experience FSV Fysiek: Activities ICie '19 - '20

Secretary CongressCie '20 - '21

Active member of the third Celebration Board

Favorite activity: Disney Okay

Nickname: Naoooooomi

Best Friend: Susan

Favorite food: Everything with pasta is great

When I grow up I want to be: Pediatric physiotherapist

AlumniCie '22-'23

Nanda van den Berg (2015) Voorzitter
Naomi Wegerink (2018) Vice voorzitter
Maaike Keddeman (2018) Secretaris
Jonas Polman (2018) Penningmeester
Fleur Nijenhuis (2018) Actief lid
Willem-Jan Koops (2009) Actief lid
Isa Brusse (2015) Actief lid
Mara Schilder (2019) Actief lid
Karlien ter Horst van Delden (2016) Actief lid

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