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This crazy bunch of 6 young adult Physio-studying human people forms the StuCie. They organize the most blood-curdling, wisdom-gathering activities that create the knowledge asset for future Physiotherapists. From a blood-curdling online study quiz, to a bloody heart dissection and for everything in between, you can turn to the StuCie. Sometimes sober, most of the time not. 

Helena (Chairwoman)

She is our phlegmatic chairwoman and mom of the group, who checks everything 2000 to 3000 times in her own way (just like mom). With her life experience she knows how to temper the group, so this crazy bunch can play safely. She may practice a bit more with riet-atten. Shortly summarized: Helena keeps the glasses full and wants the best for everyone. 

Melanie (Secretary)

The J.K. Rowling and granny of the StuCie. She always has her stories ready and never lets her writing pen rest. You must be careful with her because she knocks you out with her Jiu Jitsu techniques. As secretary she makes sure the minutes of the meetings are always on point: an enjoyment to read. Every week we get a new chapter with her creative fantasies, all summarized in the minutes. 

Kim (Treasurer)

This somewhat sarcastic, though not all too serious, but enthusiastic and creative treasurer, is called Kim. What characterizes Kim, is that her concentration is at level 5 in every meeting. Sometimes she thinks a little too far out of the box: she takes this box all the way to outer space. In short: more out of the box isn’t even possible. This is very useful in these times where creativity is scarce. 

Jelte (Active member)

This is our sporty, not all too serious active member Jelte, not to be confused with Kelte. He is creative and has nice hair. Always in for a riet-atje when he’s too late: a man of his word. When it comes to Mario Kart, he is (in his own words) the “champion” and then he’s strangely enough on time. Jelte is always helpful and no challenge is too crazy for him. 

Hugo (Active member)

He may be the alcoholic of the group, but he is always active and enthusiastic: a pleasure to have him in the StuCie. We appreciate his efforts. Like an enthusiastic Labrador, he thinks along with all kinds of problems the StuCie must face. Besides being an alcoholic, he might be called the motor of the group (a motor that runs on alcohol). Our tower of strength!  

Kelte (Active member)

Besides being our bodyguard, he is also our newest member. This ADHD dude can be the quietest person ever, but when the conversation switches to nerd-stuff, he talks to the end of the world. With his black belt he has endless ways to defeat you. This Billy Mays of the north can sell a frisbee to a man without arms.

These semi-autobiographies are completed with this beautiful picture.

StuCie '20-'21

Helena van den Bos (2019) Voorzitter
Melanie van der Vlies (2019) Secretaris
Kim van der Peijl (2019) Penningmeester
Jelte van Gasteren (2019) Actief lid
Hugo Wiegerinck (2019) Actief lid
Kelte van der Veen (2020) Actief lid

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