We are the StuCie, the 'study-related commission of Fysiek. We are very proud to call ourselves the StuCie. The StuCie is the BEST committee of Fysiek.

Our 'grutske fryske VO', Tess. As our VO, Tess sometimes thinks she has the right to be late, even if the committee evening is planned at her house... Fortunately, we treat our latecomers to a delicious ‘bak’, Tess does not mind to do that. Tess is also the adt queen, and drinks out everyone. Don't believe us, challenge her! She can be found in the city 24/7 and does not always know the way to her own house. To conclude a VO for our VO!

Jente is our seccy, she is also the most serious of our group. Her smart goals this year are therefore to ‘trek een bak’ and to drink an Ice bottle. There is still work to be done here. Jente is lucky to be able to learn from the best, Gerben and Tess. Soooo do you feel like winning, challenge Jente to ‘trek een bak’. Jente performs her job as a seccy very well.

Emma, our penny, after a year of commission, she has finally built up her alcohol tolerance and learned how to ‘trek een bak’. Buttt now a year of StuCie is ahead. This is going to be a tough one. She still finds it difficult to keep her mouth shut. If she has had a few beers, there is no way to silence her, but we are used to this by now. As a penny she does her job very well and we are very happy with this.

Amelie, our committee eldest. This German is the mother of the group and keeps this committee in check as far as possible. But she is certainly not averse to a beer and here it doesn't stop at one. Clubbing with Amelie is therefore always a great adventure. You never know where you'll end up and sometimes it's a mystery for Amelie herself where she is.

Tom, our Frisian active member. His first year in a committee, but you certainly wouldn't say this. He is the best at ‘een bak trekken’, not better than Gerben and Tess, but he will get there. He is also not averse to the buckets in Fust. Together with Gerben he is our active member battle coordinator, and he drags us to victory.

Gerben, our other Frisian partner. ‘Fryslân boppe’ is his life motto and he is proud of this. Gerben is our rule king and arranges like crazy. Together with Tom he is our active member battle coordinator. Gerben arranges everything, including the profit!

StuCie '22-'23

Tess Numan (2021) Voorzitter
Jente van der Wal (2020) Secretaris
Emma Smit (2021) Penningmeester
Amelie Victoria Michels (2020) Actief lid
Tom Wijnia (2021) Actief lid
Gerben-Jelke Gerbrandy (2021) Actief lid

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