Daan Matje (chairman) : Daan Matje has surely improved since his wisdom tooth got
removed. You’d want to see all the girls he will seduce. Whenever he walks into Oceans
he’s on the loose. 

Iris (treasurer): A down to earth girl from Friesland who prefers to go downhill without a
helmet. Iris loves fried potato and chips. This fashionista wears her hair clasp really high
up. Without Iris it for sure will get boring. If you want to take picture with her where she
looks nice, you’ll probably have to let her choose the picture.

Lisa (secretary): Laughing Lisa loves to chug double ‘bakjes’ since she often withholds
information from her committee. Whenever she is on the mixed spirits her world turns
upside down,  sometimes literally. 

Ronan: This real Irishman loves a pint of Guinness. Chupitos would be his favorite bar
because of ‘two reasons’. Without an Irishman no beer, which this wannabe McGregor
cannot get enough of. He’s rapid with chugging a ‘bak’, just like he’s quick with making
other previously mentioned things happen ;).

Daan 3: Daan is always cheerful. He’s often drunk and turned 21 this evening.
Unfortunately enough he hasn’t arranged a ‘21 dinner’ for us. Daan is a confusing fellow;
he is from Vries, which is in Drenthe but he studies in Groningen. Whenever your heart
is on fire, he’ll put out the flames with his extinguisher.

Alex: Saalex, boring Alex. All jokes, Alex is our mood maker and certainly doesn’t
despise getting loads of booze! This tall fellow splashes out his money faster than he
‘splashes’ his beer. Alex what a lad, we’re already looking forward to seeing curly-head
on his ski slats. Our last comer catches more girls on the ski slopes than the nightclubs.

Laura: Our Fitnessqueen, techno head and influencer. Eldest of the group but surely
hasn’t left her younger years behind her. Favourite shot would be Tequila. Laura would
most probably be the first person to fly into the bushes, maybe something to do with the

VakanCie '22-'23

Daan Schriemer (2020) Voorzitter
Lisa Hamminga (2020) Secretaris
Iris Bootsma (2022) Penningmeester
Daan Bakker (2021) Actief lid
Laura Hofstede (2021) Actief lid
Ronan Mc Tigue (2021) Actief lid
Alexander Bos (2021) Actief lid

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