There you are on the highest point of the mountain, your helmet on your head. Your skis at the ready. Looking down the mountain you take one deep breath end then you wake up in your own bed. Unfortunately, the winter sport is cancelled for this year. But who knows what this year will bring?

Mara the youngest of the committee. This girl with her brown curls and her young age is trying to be the boss. She is always in for a beer and likes to play beachvolleybal our chairwoman is single and ready to mingle, are you interested? Send us a email at and maybe we will arrange a date!

Baukje will be our sexytaris this year. This girl is very talented she speaks 3 languages! Dutch Frisian (we still don’t know if this is a language) and dyslexic. If you can’t find her, you should probably look for her at the bar. This girl knows how to flirt! So, if you need any flirt tips Email us at 

Sipke is our dichtgetikte (ask a Dutch student what it means) penny! He traded his hockey career for a beer career or for a committee career… we don’t know the difference anymore. He downs a beer faster than his shadow. Sipke is the only one who doesn’t ski, he is a snowboarder. So, we must wait for him every time. Sipke is in the VakanCie for the second time and he still did not get the position that he wanted. So, if you need advice for downing a beer send us an Email at:

Arnaud our one and only Corona-man he is trying to do the first year again this time hopefully flawless. This hansom guys with his blonde curls is rather lazy then tired. If you see him on his bicycle, take a picture! This is a special moment! He plays hockey as well. But his laziness made him goalkeeper. Arnaud would rather be a camping boss in the south of France then a physiotherapist. Arnaud know everything about wine so if you need advice for a nice wine for a first date. Send us an Email at

Jelly is also dichtgetikt. This happy and beautiful chick is in her third year. And is trying out a committee for the first time. Better late than never. Last year this girl managed to become tapster at Albertus. And yes, this is an achievement… In her spare time, she likes nothing better than strolling in restaurants. So, she is still looking for new hobbies. Are you looking for a tasty recipe or a nice restaurant for your date? Mail to and Jelly will help you!

Willemijn is a freshman for the third time, but for the first time in the first year of physiotherapy. She finally chose the good life. If you want to reach this lady, forget it. Willemijn never answers her phone and rarely responds to WhatsApp. This girl can do the WAP perfectly, which can also be seen by the bruises on her knees. So loves to play videogames and boardgames. Do you want to challenge her? Willemijn is also single and she is open to a sugar daddy. But if you are interested or know a nice date for her, mail to




VakanCie '19-'20

Yoëlle Ruibing (2017) Voorzitter
Eva Raga Orono (2017) Secretaris
Zofia Sagnowska (2017) Penningmeester
Aurora Rodenburg (2018) Actief lid
Sander Notten (2018) Actief lid
Jonas Polman (2018) Actief lid
Sipke Hamminga (2018) Actief lid

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