Become a student member? Sign up for a introduction membership.

Are you studying fysiotherapy and do you want a strong organisation behind you? Please register for the one-off introduction membership from the Koninklijk Nederlands Genootschap voor Fysiotherapie (KNGF). You will profit from low prices, a meaningfull and pratical support for your study and professional training. When you register between 1 september 2014 and 31 agustus 2015 you only pay €12,- for your membership. On 1 january 2016 this membership will automatically becom an student membership for €23 a year.

Profit for students

As a member of the KNGF you will receive the magazine FysioPraxis en the Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Fysiotherapie. As a studentmember you also have acces to the locked part of FysioNet. FysioNet has indispendable information voor your study and professional training. There are also guidelines available for free. Do you want the guidelines on paper? For students there is an attractive discount.

You can also follow discussions on FysioNet and you can contact fysiotherapist on a easy way, for example when you are looking for an intership of job. Next to that the KNGF will support you with the RIBIZ-registration and the Centraal Kwaliteitsregister Fysiotherapie (CKR).

For more information about the KNGF membership or your application you can call the Ledenadministratie (033) 467 29 29 option 1 or send an email to

Directly singing in online for a introduction membership

Through the registration form on it is possible to register direct online. It is very easy. Just fill in the form, check your data en confirm you registration. You will receive a confirmation from us by email.

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